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Modesty Blaise

black_samvara in deliciousspnfic

Tagging the Supernatural Newsletter – Ed 1110

The spnnewsletter hit 1100 editions on the 18th March (15 S4 episodes aired) and Supernatural_fic hit 28,696 entries. Tagging courtesy of the amazing and dedicated scribblesinink.

Some stats:

Supernatural Category breakdown (79.57% of fandom)

Wincest 39.55%
Gen 37.42%
Het 16.62%
Other Slash 4.80%
Femslash 0.39%

RPF Category breakdown (20.96% of fandom)

J2 84.10%
Other Slash 10.74%
Het 5.64%
Gen 0.96%
Femslash 0.17%

Trends since April 2007
1100 Stats


That's really quite cool. I love a fandom that ignores taboos.
'Taboo'... this is a type of tribal body art right?
*rolls eyes*
Okay, something like that...
ffnet broke, I'm booorrrreeeedddd.

Do you want links or shall I email you crack?
MOAR STATS! yay. They are very stable over time aren't they?

I wondered - with multipart stories, each chapter would be counted as a separate fic y/n? Because a quick sample of the newsletter shows the RPF section often dominated by them, and I wondered if this would skew the RPF count upwards?

Also - would love to hear your thoughts on BSG!
Yups, I dump them into a spreadsheet every 50 and have been since Ed 400 so I have long term trends. RPF jagged a bit in Dec 08 as did Supernatural.

We only tag part one of a story, after that we try to tag the master post if we can find it. It's why I have to watch TV while tagging - if a story looks like it might already have been tagged we do a quick author search and check against existing titles. It is not a perfect system ad we do make mistakes though.

BSG - I am still ranty and flailing in a billion different directions!
Oh thanks for that - i might do a post about the delicious tagging soon - i use it so much (esp when doing rec lists) and think everyone should know about it!

I look forward to your BSG thoughts when you are coherent!
I'm glad! I use it mostly for stats and fic hunting - added the trends graph to the post.

*struggles to attain coherency*
Wooooo, stats! I love my fandom.

I wonder if the stats will be the same in a year. Pesky Dean/Castiel is stealing a lot of good writers *sulks* (I like Castiel, but I am too OTPish about my Winchesters to really enjoy them with anyone else, at least on a regular basis.)

You're right, it's really taken off. Here is a breakdown of story writing activity by five most popular pairings (excluding RPF) over the last 50 days...

Sam/Dean 63%
Dean/OFC 4%
Sam/Jess 2%
Sam/OFC 3%
Dean/Castiel 27%
Pesky D/C shippers! Although I have written it myself, hahaha, so I can't whinge too much. I'm glad my boys are stll way in the lead, though :D
I just wanted to clarify, is the graph cumulative over time or is the amount of fic increasing every month?
cumulative over time :)
Ah, ok, thanks. And thanks for putting these together, too!
Tell me if I'm reading the stats right? Slash (non-wincest slash) is still only 4.8% percent of the non-RPF output. However, slash (non-wincest) has proportionately grown more than any other category (as measured against itself).

Gee, I wonder what pairing brought THAT trend on...*g*

Thanks for putting all this together!

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