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Apr. 6th, 2009

Modesty Blaise


Tagging the Supernatural Newsletter – Ed 1110

The spnnewsletter hit 1100 editions on the 18th March (15 S4 episodes aired) and Supernatural_fic hit 28,696 entries. Tagging courtesy of the amazing and dedicated scribblesinink.

Some stats:

Supernatural Category breakdown (79.57% of fandom)

Wincest 39.55%
Gen 37.42%
Het 16.62%
Other Slash 4.80%
Femslash 0.39%

RPF Category breakdown (20.96% of fandom)

J2 84.10%
Other Slash 10.74%
Het 5.64%
Gen 0.96%
Femslash 0.17%

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Feb. 4th, 2009

Modesty Blaise


Tagging the Supernatural Newsletter – Ed 1050

The spnnewsletter hit 1050 editions on the 24th of January (12 episodes aired) and Supernatural_fic hit 27,360 entries. Tagging courtesy of the amazing and dedicated scribblesinink .

Some stats about Dean/Castiel and PairingsCollapse )

For reasons as yet inexplicable the delicious site is not showing the correct number of tags in the right hand filters - you get the correct results when you filter by a tag though.

Dec. 28th, 2008

Modesty Blaise


Tagging the Supernatural Newsletter – Ed 1000

The spnnewsletter  hit 1000 (1,000!) editions on the 6th of December (10 episodes aired) and Supernatural_fic hit 26,157 entries. Dean/Castiel shot up to be the 15th most popular pairing

Stats including RPF:
  • Slash = 53.37%, Gen = 30.85%, Het = 14.59%, Pairing:Not:Known = 04.13%, Femslash 0.33%
  • RPF 19.75%
  • Wincest = 32.08%
Stats broken down by Supernatural versus RPF
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Dec. 5th, 2008

Modesty Blaise


Tagging the Supernatural Newsletter – Ed 950

The spnnewsletter hit 950 editions on the 15th of October (the day before 4x05 Monster Movie aired) and Supernatural_fic hit 24,887 entries.

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The beautiful and dedicated scribblesinink  has taken over tagging the newsletter and is doing a magnificent job - more hands would make it easier to stay up to date! If anyone has some time to help out it would be much appreciated.

Oct. 29th, 2008

spn impala


Looking for volunteers

Last year, black_samvara began an awesome project of tagging all Supernatural fic that gets posted in the daily spnnewsletter into a delicious account. She's done an amazing amount of work setting up a nifty tagging system that makes it easy to find fic by character, pairing, author, or whatever tickles your fancy.

However, it's a bit much for one person (or even two) to keep up. Which makes sense, because while it's not really difficult now that the system's up and running, the SPN fandom is very prolific in producing fic. We're currently about fifty newsletters behind, and that's hundreds of stories!

However, many hands make light work, as the saying goes. So, we're looking for a couple of folk willing to help out. If we can get a group of people together so that everyone has to take on tagging duty just every few days, it's really not that much work at all. And we can keep an amazing fic resource up and running, and up-to-date.

Got questions? Leave a comment.

Interested? Read more information and leave a comment! We'll get back to you as soon as possible, and more detailed instructions will follow shortly.

Oct. 24th, 2008

Modesty Blaise


Tagging the Supernatural Newsletter on delicious

Supernatural_fic detailed tagging information. Taken from this post back in September 2007.

The Rough Plan:
  1. Tag all fic in spnnewsletter including RPF; will not be tagging news, meta or vids etc.
  2. URLs will be cleaned of extras such as #cutid, ?style=mine, ?format=light etc.
  3. Only one instance of a story told in parts will be tagged. I would like, in an ideal world to link to a master post that links to all chapters of a fic.
    ** I don't automatically ignore a fic if it has 'part 2' on it - I check to see if it's already tagged by searching Supernatural_fic by Author and then I ignore it.
  4. Authors who have since deleted their journals / left LJ will be included for stats (tag = LJ:Deleted).
  5. Warnings such as deathfic, darkfic, rape, evil!sam, girl!Dean and mpreg will go in the Description/Notes field if noted in spnnewsletter.
  6. Put the spnnewsletter edition number in the Description Title field (it's tidier) of the last fic tagged on that edition.
The Detailed PlanCollapse )